Loop Ecology is our process of minimising input and output waste in highly functional and aesthetic landscape designs.

Looped ecosystems are designed to close the loop where inputs such as energy and introduced resources are offset or exceeded by beneficial outputs such as food production, recycled irrigation and nutrient circulation.

How it works

Ecosystem design

We design sustainable urban ecosystems without compromising on functional or aesthetic requirements.

Loop Ecology is based on the principal that we can provide measurable benefits to the environment as well as enhance the living experience of our clients.

Our design process takes all factors of environmental and human considerations into account before delivering tailored design solutions.



Biofiltration relies on living matter such as plants, good bacteria and micro-organisms to naturally remove pollutants and contaminants from the environment.

Through a mix of selective planting and the installation of biofilters we create healthy bodies of water and balanced ecosystems without the need for chemical intervention.

Drawing on global research and our extensive local experience we apply best-practice methodologies in the design, installation and maintenance of biofiltration systems in Australia.



Our commitment to closing the loop began with the introduction of natural biopools in Australia. Land Forms were one of the earliest adopters of biofiltration technology and have delivered more than 50 successful natural pool projects over the past decade.

Our investment in supporting, understanding and developing the technology locally has helped prove biopools can thrive in our unique environmental conditions and eliminated the need for harmful chemicals, water wastage and high energy consumption in pools.



Considering a productive garden over a passive garden can provide huge opportunities for output benefits in an urban ecosystem.

We encourage the inclusion of edible, medicinal and environmentally beneficial plants in all of our projects and provide a range of custom products and systems to support healthy and productive growth.

These include custom design solutions for grow beds, planter boxes, vertical gardens, hydroponic and aquaponic systems, nutrient recycling, composting, organic fertilisation and irrigation.

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