About Us

Land Forms provides landscape design and construction services with a specialised focus on natural swimming pools and productive ecosystem design.

Established in 2009, Land Forms has over a decade of design and construction experience and has collaborated with some of Australia’s leading architects on multiple award winning properties in both residential and commercial projects.

What We Do

Concept / Construct / Cultivate

Specialising in natural swimming pools and landscapes, Land Forms provides landscaping design, construction and cultivation services in Sydney.

Our design inspiration comes from nature. We respect and respond to the natural environment rather than impose design upon it.

We preserve and utilise natural forms and processes in our work and use locally sourced materials where possible.

We encourage the integration of productive gardens and exploring the opportunities natural pools can provide for the inclusion of fish, wildlife and nutrient rich irrigation.

Our purpose is to create healthy, living bodies of water and landscapes that serve both the wellbeing of our clients and the vitality of the surrounding environment.

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