The filter technology we utilise in natural pool filtration relies on creating a biological balance in the pool. Rather than a sterile chemical environment. Life will thrive in the natural pool and the balance of biological processes keeps the water fresh year round.


Natural pools require minimal maintenance, have very low power consumption and require no expensive chemicals. The filters are concealed inside a separate section of the pool and are embedded in layers of specially calculated and specified aggregates. We can also easily convert any existing salt or chlorine pool to natural filtration.


Over the past decade Land Forms has successfully completed more than 50 natural pool projects in and around Sydney.

All Shapes And Sizes

Just because the filter technology is natural, it doesn’t mean the structure of the natural pool needs to be organic and curved (although it can be if that’s what you want). The filter area can be completely concealed, or made a feature of with water plants and lilies. The team at Land Forms are experts at building new pools and we will finish your project on time and budget and to the highest degree of detail.

Bio-Filtration From Gartenart Australia

Land Forms has been working with Gartenart Australia for the past eight years, together we have been installing natural pools in and around Sydney. Ralf Schmiel from Gartenart is an expert in the field and supplies Land Forms with filter technology, as well as design advice and support.

Together Gartenart Australia and Land Forms can deliver your natural pool project from concept design to filling with crystal clear fresh water.

No Chlorine. No Salt.

Natural pools use new bio filtration technology to create a naturally clean swimming pool. No chlorine or any expensive or toxic additives are needed – let nature take care of it for you.

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