Natural pool filtration relies on creating a biological balance in the pool rather than a sterile chemical environment. Good bacteria and micro-organisms naturally remove pollutants and contaminants from the water, keeping your pool clean and fresh year round.


Natural pools require minimal maintenance, have very low power consumption and require no expensive chemicals. The filters are concealed inside a separate section of the pool and are embedded in layers of specially calculated and specified aggregates.


Over the past decade Land Forms has successfully completed more than 50 natural pool projects in and around Sydney.

All shapes, sizes and styles

There are no limitations on the design aesthetic of natural pools. The filtration area can be completely concealed in modern contemporary design, or left exposed to create a natural pond feature beside the swimming area. The team at Land Forms can design and build customised projects on time and on budget to the highest degree of detail.

We also specialise in natural pool conversions and can transform any existing salt and chlorine chemical pools into a natural pool.

BioFiltration experts

For the past decade we’ve worked independently and in partnership with leading experts in the design, installation and maintenance of biofiltration technology.

Land Forms was one of the earliest adopters of pool biofiltration in Australia and are experts in creating healthy biopools that thrive in our unique environmental conditions.

Natural swimming pools not only provide a much better swimming experience for our clients, they eliminate the need for harmful chemicals, greatly improve water efficiency, and consume far less energy than traditional pools.

No Chlorine. No Salt.

Natural pools use leading biofiltration technology to create a naturally clean swimming pool. No chlorine or expensive chemical additives are needed – let nature take care of it for you.

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