Domain magazine interviewed Landforms Principal Julien Roy on the benefits of chemical-free natural swimming pools. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

“Natural pools require minimal maintenance, have very low power consumption and require no expensive chemicals,” says Julien​ Roy, of Landforms, a landscaping and pool-building business that has built about 15 natural pools in Sydney, the first in 2009. “They’re definitely becoming more popular and accepted in Australia.”

Roy says it took a period of trial and error to adapt the European model to the Australian climate, given the warmer temperatures and different biologies in the water, but now local clients are enjoying the benefits of swimming in chemical-free pools.

And your natural pool can look just like a regular chlorinated pool or be free-form.

“Just because the filter technology is natural, it doesn’t mean the structure of the pool needs to be organic and curved, although it can be if that’s what you want,” says Julien. “The filter area can be completely concealed, or made a feature of with water plants and lilies.”

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