Recently Choice took an in-depth look at the benefits, frequently asked questions, and maintenance costs of Natural swimming pools with Landforms.

Since the development of chlorine-free pools that harnesses the power of nature to cleanse the water in the 1980’s, natural swimming pools (also known as swimming ponds and bio pools) gained instant popularity in Europe and now number in the tens of thousands. Locally they’re still a relatively niche product here among the estimated 1.2 million pools in Australian backyards, but for those fed up with the itchy, red-eyed experience of swimming in chlorine natural pools are fast becoming the natural choice.

Landforms has installed over 50 natural pools so far in Australia and demand is on the rise. Natural pools purify water through natural processes of sanitistation rather than ‘killing’ everything in the water with chemicals. The Australian climate and water conditions are perfect for natural pools, and the luxurious natural swimming experience and low-maintenance benefits of chemical free pools is highly desirable for home owners.

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